September 2019 Post Meeting

Josh Yates - 10/4/2019

Commander Carr speaks to Post members about upcoming community events. He also welcomes our guest.

Lisa Olds (right) of Comfort Care Hospice, along with Volunteer Coordinator Molly Helms, spoke today at our Post general meeting looking for Post members to volunteer for their "Vet to Vet" program. Volunteers would meet with other veterans in facilities and in veterans own homes to engage in reminiscing & telling life stories, educate & assist patients receiving Veteran benefits, recognition events and help replacing lost military medals. Call Comfort Care at (334) 514-0244 for more info about volunteering.

Stratice became the VFW Post 96 website sponsor for 2019 and 2020. With this generous contribution from your team, our Post will be able to continue to help Veterans with exposure of our online presence to the online community. Thank you for your support.

From left to right, Post 96 Commander Carr, CEO Jordan Franklin, COO Scott Franklin, Post 96 Surgeon Josh Yates.